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Introducing our Paws and Playtime Dog Gift Set - the perfect present for your furry friend! This meticulously curated bundle is tailored to pamper your beloved pup, ensuring that every day is filled with joyful tail-wagging adventures.

Inside the Paws and Playtime Dog Gift Set, you'll discover a small, engaging toy designed to keep your dog entertained and excited. Two mouthwatering dog treats are included to treat your four-legged companion to irresistible flavors they'll love.

For those moments on the move, our included Drink Up Water Bottle guarantees your pet remains well-hydrated, ensuring that their outings are nothing short of fantastic. Plus, the set includes a soft and absorbent beige microfiber towel, perfect for keeping your pup clean, comfortable, and always ready for more playtime.

Whether it's a special occasion or just to show your furry friend some extra love and attention, the Paws and Playtime Dog Gift Set is the ultimate gift. Elevate each moment and provide your dog with the comfort and happiness they deserve.

Your dog's joy is our utmost priority, and the Paws and Playtime Dog Gift Set is designed to make every day their best day ever. Order yours now and witness your pup light up with pure delight!

Paws and Playtime Dog Gift Set

£45.00 Regular Price
£38.25Sale Price
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