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Create the perfect bedtime routine for your beloved pup with our Cozy Canine Bedtime Bliss Collection. This thoughtfully assembled set combines relaxation, comfort, and a touch of luxury to ensure your furry friend enjoys peaceful nights and sweet dreams.


1. Bedtime Treats: Wind down the day with our specially formulated bedtime treats, designed to promote relaxation and a restful sleep for your dog.

2. Plush Cuddly Toy: Offer your dog a cuddly companion for bedtime snuggles. Our plush toy provides comfort and reassurance, making bedtime a joyful and comforting experience.

3. Blanket: Wrap your dog in the warmth and security of our soft and cozy blanket. Perfect for creating a comfortable sleeping space or adding an extra layer of comfort during naps and bedtime.

4. Pet Head Sensitive Soul Coconut with Marula Oil Skin Dog Deodorizer Spray: Enhance your dog's bedtime routine with the soothing scent of our Pet Head Deodorizer Spray. Infused with coconut and marula oil, it nourishes the skin while leaving a refreshing fragrance.

5. Paw Balm: Protect and moisturize your dog's paws with our soothing paw balm, ensuring they are comfortable and ready for a good night's sleep.


The Cozy Canine Bedtime Bliss Collection is designed to make bedtime a cherished and soothing experience for your furry companion. With treats to calm their nerves, a cuddly toy for company, a cozy blanket for warmth, and grooming products to pamper their skin, this collection ensures that your dog enjoys restful nights and wakes up ready for a new day filled with energy and happiness. Treat your four-legged friend to bedtime bliss and sweet dreams with this delightful collection.


Cozy Canine Bedtime Bliss Collection

£45.00 Regular Price
£38.25Sale Price
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